Hello, my name is Barbara Gersztyn. I am here to offer my assistance and support to you and your loved ones. As my parents have aged into their eighties, I have realized that while they are independent and want to stay in their home, they can no longer drive and require some assistance. As I have supported my parents in this chapter of their lives, I have been inspired by their spirit, independence and resilience.

My vision is to create connections and brighten someone’s day, while helping with daily tasks and errands. It would be my privilege to support you and your family members who might need assistance with daily living. Please contact me to discuss how I can help you. 

I provide personalized services and support for individuals and loved ones

Some Services Offered:

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, we may need to discuss if certain services are available at this time.


I can go to the grocery store, drug store, or pick up general merchandise from any retailer.



I'll drive to the doctors, beauty parlor / barber, coffee house or for a lunch appointment.


No one should ever feel alone. I provide companionship and social interaction to seniors.


We can go for relaxed or brisk walks at the park, mall and around the block.



I can help with small household items or repairs, plant watering, computer and/or phone help.


Walking, veterinarian or groomer visits, bathing at a self service pet wash to include minor grooming items for your dog.

"I have used Barbara's grocery buying services and have been very happy. She always gets what I asked for (as long as it's in stock). She will text me to resolve the out-of-stock situations. She always is careful to practice social distancing when delivering the groceries. Maybe best of all she is always cheery and has a smile on her face."
~ Joe Cristaldi