I am here to reduce your worries about daily life activities by bringing a helping hand and an open heart. I offer so much more than just running errands and helping out around the house. I have a genuine love and respect for people and I give you my word
that I will bring a heart-felt connection while I am completing your tasks. I see my client’s daily lives enriched simply by my focused listening, engaged interactions, and genuine care. While I will never replace family members, I like to think that I can be an extension of family when time does not allow them to be with you. My services and level of care can be particularly helpful when someone is in the process of healing. We all thrive when our needs are met and we are treated with respect. 

Contact me to ask a question or begin a conversation.

I provide personalized services and support for individuals and loved ones

Some Services Offered:

Your health is important! I take Covid-19 precautions and am regularly tested to ensure your safety


I will pick up your groceries, dry cleaning and prescriptions.



I will safely get you to your doctors, the salon or a visit with your friends.



Let’s bake, craft something , or sit a spell on the porch with snacks.


Let's take a walk, feed the ducks and maybe stop for tea.



Need to hang a picture? Paint some trim? A little computer help?


I will walk your dog and love your four-legged family members.

"I have loved using Barbara's grocery buying services and have been very happy. She always gets what I asked for (as long as it's in stock). She will text me to resolve the out-of-stock situations. She always is careful to practice social distancing when delivering the groceries. Maybe best of all she is always cheery and has a smile on her face."
~ Joe Cristaldi